Development of a Reference Material for Water Industry

Mazanova M., Zdychova V., Dryak P., Bludovsky R.

Reference materials, 2015, No. 4, pp. 22-33

Abstract: The aim of our work was to develop and evaluate a homogenised material for the new IONEX resin reference material for NORM industries. The IONEX resin is a material from water purification filters. This work is a part of the European Research Project MetroNORM “Metrology for Processing Materials with High Natural Radioactivity”, contract identifier JRP IND57. The current research resulted from the necessity of installing the technology for removing uranium from water in some areas in Europe [1, 2]. The European project JRP IND57 MetroNORM is perfectly suited for an accurate and precise determination of hazardous NORM materials. Proper evaluation of NORM materials is highly needed for the protection of health and minimization of economic and ecological burdens.