Activity measurements of barrels filled with radioactive waste (Applied Radiation and Isotopes)

Denis Glavič-Cindro, M. Korun, B. Vodenik, B. Zorko

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, April 2015, Volume 304, Issue 1, pp 145-150

Abstract: A method for measuring the total activity of inhomogeneously distributed radioactive waste in a barrel is proposed. The method bases on a measurement of the attenuation of gamma-rays as a function of energy. It can be applied to gamma-ray emitters radiating at several energies over a broad energy range. The method is sensitive enough to measure activities of 104 Bq of 226Ra in 200 L barrels filled with a water-equivalent matrix in one day using a shielded detector with a relative efficiency of 50 %. The sensitivity to 228Ra is better, since here high-energy gamma-rays are emitted with a larger probability.