The Portable Device for Continual Measurement of Radon Progenies on Filter using the Detector TIMEPIX

Bulanek B.,  Hulka J., Jilek K, Stekl I

Radiat Prot Dosimetry (2015) 164 (4): 493496 first published online May 19, 2015 

Abstract: In this article, a portable device was presented for continual measuring of equilibrium equivalent concentration (EEC) of (222)Rn based on the Timepix detector with 300-µm-thick active layer. In order to have a portable device, a filtration head was developed for collecting short-lived radon progenies attached on aerosols. The short-lived progenies are estimated from analysing alphas from decay of (218,214)Po from Millipore filter after termination of filtration. Comparison with beta measurement was done as well. The dependence of EEC on an air flow and filtration time was studied. The low-level detection limit for EEC was estimated from the last 10 min of 3-h decay measurement and was found in the range of 40-70 Bq m(-3). EEC was measured in National Radiation Protection Institute radon chamber, and results were compared with the commercial detector Fritra4.