Status and progress

Development of measurement systems, methods and technique including in-situ systems which support innovative industrial processing of resources containing naturally occurring radioactive material.

The project has started to develop new metrological methodologies, measurement instruments, standards and reference materials for measurement of natural radionuclides. A hand-held prototype in-situ gamma-ray measurement system and an in-situ α spectrometry prototype by integration with a remote expert support systems have been designed, developed and tested successfully. A measurement system based on pixel detectors (MEDIPIX/TIMEPIX) has been designed, developed and tested and the final sample preparation stage for the selected measurement technique has been developed.

For 220Rn, the production chain in a vacuum chamber has been designed and the set-up and the generators and samples together with the chamber have been constructed and tested successfully.

Detector Timepix for an in-situ Measurement in NORM Industries